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"His talents and work are hard to pin down with merely a title,

and though we call him our Barman, in truth Christiaan is really a Bar Chef.

Caroline Styne

Owner - The Lucques Group



"A true mastermind and innovator in the world of cocktails."

  Suzanne Goin

Chef/Owner - The Lucques Group and Sunday Suppers at Lucques



"I love having Christiaan guide me though the wide array of

honest, creative, and delicious cocktails he whips up."

 Aaron Sanchez

Celebrity Chef



"An inviting handbook for cocktails rooted in classics and updated with a farm-to-glass ethos,

from "one of LA's most innovative mixologists.""




"A must-have"

 Publishers Weekly



"The book has been a welcomed edition to my collection."

Neal Bodenheimer

Owner - Cure NoLa and Tales of the Cocktail